With the hectic pace of daily living, is there any wonder that a surplus of energy, relaxation and sleep come at a premium? The SleepStream line of products help you leave your busy day behind, combining soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, music, guided voice sessions and binaural beats. Drift away in first class!
Do you feel that the stress of everyday life deprives you of your ability to focus, relax, sleep - in short, affects your overall well being? Do you have so much on your mind that you sometimes long for a moment of thinking about nothing at all?

The pace of modern life, keeping up with the demands of work, family and friends, may leave little room for true relaxation. This in turn may adversely interfere with the quality of sleep.

For two years, SleepStream has helped people worldwide to improve sleep, relaxation and energy. SleepStream version 2 takes everything to the next level! Developed in conjunction with sleep and relaxation experts, hypnotherapists and audio professionals, SleepStream 2 plays soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, binaural beats, music and guided voice tracks to help you sleep, relax, meditate, focus, re-energize and lift your mood - the list goes on!
Want more? Get audio, visulizations, binaural beats and guided voice sessions from the in-app downloads section within SleepStream 2. New material is constantly being added!

Examples of downloadable content:

- Guided Relaxation (free)
- Instant Energy (free)
- SleepStream Music Spa (free)
- Seasonal Photos (free)
- Moving Water (free)
- Wind (free)
- Video Visualizations (free)
- Serene Beaches (free)
- Colors! (free)

- Energizing Ambient ($0.99)
- Tinnitus Masker ($1.99)
- Fireplace Video ($0.99)
- Thunderstorm HD ($0.99)
Drift into deep, restorative relaxation with SleepStream Classic for iPhone and iPod touch. SleepStream Classic is the original version of the SleepStream application, and plays soothing nature sounds and gentle, calming audio atmospheres.

The unique AutoBlend feature ensures that you enjoy new sound combinations with each use, and five selectable binaural beats stimulate the natural brain states associated with relaxation, and will help you relax quickly and deeply.
The SleepStream audio sessions will soon be available as mp3 - dowloadable to any mp3 player!
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