SleepStream 2 plays soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, binaural beats, music and guided voice tracks to help you sleep, relax, meditate, focus, re-energize and lift your mood - all in one intuitive application. Here's how to get started using SleepStream!
1. Select sound category and desired sound on the scroll wheel.

2. The AutoBlend feature ensures that you get a different set of sounds each time.

3. Play / pause control.

4. Choose the length of your SleepStream session here.

5. Alarm - wakes you gently up after your SleepStream session has ended.

6. Volume control.
New in SleepStream 2 is the ability to mix background sounds with overlays - for example voice tracks or music. For a limited time, SleepStream 2 comes with two free guided relaxation and energy sessions and 45 minutes of calming music - all available from the downloads-tab.

1. Select your desired overlay on the scroll wheel.

2. Tap the next button to go to the next part of the overlay, or the cycle button to repeat the part that is currently playing.
In addition to breathtaking audio, SleepStream offers specially designed binaural beats that can be integrated into the sound experience.

When your brain tries to process two different tones, one delivered to each ear by headphones or earplugs, it creates a sensation of a rhythmic beat - a kind of auditory illusion. These beats have been shown to stimulate the brain’s activity associated with states such as relaxation, sleep, focus and energy by a process known as entrainment.

SleepStream 2 offers 51 binaural beats and binaural beat programs.

1. Select your desired state.

2. The basic binaural beats stay at one specific entrainment frequency, while the binaural beat programs move from one entrainment frequency to another, taking you from your current state to your desired state in a certain amount of time.
SleepStream 2 gives you the complete getaway with scenic pictures and video loops to view while listening to the audio programs; drift into a world of relaxation. Tilt your device for fullscreen view!
Want more? Get audio, visulizations, binaural beats and guided voice sessions from the in-app downloads section. New material is constantly being added!
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