Did you know that 35% of people suffer from some degree of insomnia, and that nearly half of all adults have trouble relaxing before bedtime?

Developed in conjunction with sleep experts, hypnotherapists and audio professionals, SleepStream 2 plays soothing sounds from nature, gentle audio atmospheres, music and NLP / hypnosis audio tracks. It is perfect for:

◊    Power-Naps
◊    Sleep Inducer
◊    Meditation
◊    Stress Management
◊    Concentration
◊    Enjoyment
◊    Noise Masking
◊    Relaxation
◊    NLP Hypnotherapy
◊    Anxiety reduction
◊    ‘Office escaping’

In addition to breathtaking audio, sleep stream offers specially designed binaural beats that can be intergrated into the sound experience.

Discovered in 1839 by Henrich Wilhelm Dove, Binaural Beats are auditory processing artifacts that arises in the brain independent of physical stimuli. When your brain tries to process two different tones, one delivered to each ear by headphones or earplugs, it creates a sensation of a rhythmic beat - a kind of auditory illusion. These beats, depending on their frequencies have been shown to stimulate natural brain states associated with relaxation, energy, focus and sleep by a process known as entrainment. The concept is that if one receives a stimulus with a frequency in the range of brain waves, the predominant brain wave frequency will move towards the frequency of the stimulus.

SleepStream 2 offers a whopping 51 binaural beats and binaural beat programs.

SleepStream's background sounds are of the highest quality and the audio is professionally mastered to give an unrivaled audio experience. Sounds of deep, rich drones, calming ocean waves , gentle forest rain and distant seagulls - to name a few - will be your first class journey into a deeply relaxed state.

New in SleepStream 2 is the ability to mix these calming sounds with overlays. Examples of overlays can be music, voice tracks or hypnotheraphy audio sessions. For a limited time, SleepStream2 comes with two free relaxation and energy NLP hypnotheraphy sessions (normally $5.99).

Whether you are nodding off during long office hours, working a night shift, or fighting drowsiness while driving, a power-nap can be a seriously effective way to make you more alert and productive. Studies suggest that a power-nap can raise energy levels by 30% and be as effective as three hours of normal sleep. A Power-nap is a short sleep session which terminates before deep sleep (or slow wave, delta sleep) occurs. Scientific experiments show that an average power-nap duration of 20 minutes is most effective.

SleepStream's timer function makes it easy to enjoy power-naps! Simply engage the timer and alarm button, and SleepStream will gently wake you after your session has ended.

Did you know that Edison, Napoleon, John F. Kennedy and Einstein all were eager power-nappers?

While the configuration procedures of similar applications can leave you frustrated and wide awake, Sleepstreams intuitive interface allows you to drift off in a moment without a care.......

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•  Stunning Sound Quality

•  Unique Audio Engine

•  Overlays and NLP Hypnotherapy

•  The Best Binaural Beats Implementation

•  Advanced Technology

•  Breathtaking Vizualisations

•  Affordable

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